Retail Guards

In the retail industry, minimizing stock losses whilst still providing a friendly and safe environment for shoppers can be a real challenge. A challenge we understand.


Our Store Detectives & Retail Security Guards are trained to the highest levels, enabling them to deal with any situation which may arise during the course of the day. Their training covers topics such as customer care and social skills, fire safety, health and safety, dealing with incidents and emergencies, communication and reporting, as well as retail duties, patrolling, searching, crowd control and use of technology.
pic14The presence of our Retail Security guards, smartly dressed in the company uniform (or the customers uniform of choice), works as a crucial deterrent, warning off any would-be thieves. Customers also feel safer knowing there are Retail Security guards on duty while they shop, thus boosting confidence in the store.

Undercover store detectives play a vital role in combating shop-lifting, especially in larger stores, and our store detectives can also complete in-store loss prevention checks, helping to further reduce losses to the customer’s hard-earned profits.

We continually review the requirements of our customer and adapt to meet those needs, thus providing a flexible service, tailor-made to suit.